At your service – at each step of your employment

I am at your side in all questions of labour law – in any phase of the employment process: from the conclusion of the employment contract to termination.

Initiation and contract conclusion

Before you sign an employment contract, I will go through your employment contract point by point and inform you about what needs to be paid attention to, the meaning of particular clauses, where your employment contract breaks German employment law and what consequences this has for you.

Partial unemployment (Kurzarbeit)

If your employer imposes part-time unemployment (Kurzarbeit), this will shake things up in your employment relationship. I will check for you whether everything is going according to the law and give you advice on how to protect your rights and privileges in this difficult situation.

Parental leave

Becoming a mother or father will also change your working life. I will show you what possibilities there are for combining family and career – through parental leave, parental allowance and part-time work. Let me show you what your rights are and how you can assert them against your employer and the authorities.


A termination is the hardest cut that your employment relationship can suffer. I will explain how you can defend yourself against an unjustified termination, in which cases you are entitled to severance pay and what else you need to consider. I will advise you on how to proceed and accompany you every step of the way. Since there is only a short period of time after receiving the notice of termination, you should seek advice quickly.

Everything else

Of course, I will also support you in all other questions and problems in connection with your employment relationship, for example in disputes with health insurance (gesetzliche Krankenversicherung) or the Federal Employment Agency (Bundesagentur für Arbeit).

attorney’s fees

I will be happy to agree a flat-rate fee with you for out-of-court representation.

For the legal proceedings, the legally prescribed fees are calculated according to the Lawyers’ Fees Act (Rechtsanwaltsvergütungsgesetz RVG). The fees are mandatory minimums and depend on the amount in dispute. As an example, the amount in dispute for unjustified termination proceedings is calculated on the basis of three monthly salaries.

Please note that in labour court proceedings at first instance each party bears its own costs – regardless of the outcome of the proceedings. This means that even if you win the court proceedings, you cannot claim reimbursement of your employer for legal fees. In return, however, you are not obliged to pay the costs of your employer’s lawyer in the event of loss in court.