Jean-Baptiste Abel – lawyer (Rechtsanwalt) in Berlin-Kreuzberg

I live and practice law as a lawyer in the heart of the Graefekiez – where Kreuzberg is at its most beautiful.

Since 2009, I have been assisting employees from all sectors and in all situations in their dealings with their employers, authorities and social security institutions. Since 2019 I have been licensed as an independent lawyer in my private practice.

my philosophy as a lawyer

My mission is to make the law understandable and accessible to all. Only those who know and understand their rights can make truly free and independent decisions. This is particularly true for employees who do not speak German as their mother tongue.

That is why I will explain to you in plain language and with no unncessary technical terms what the opportunities are and how we can reach your goal quickly and safely.

I will help you to find out, to demand and – where necessary – to fight for what is due to you.

Take my word for it.

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