P as in Probationary Period

What special provisions apply during the probationary period of the employment relationship?

At the beginning of an employment relationship, a probationary period is agreed upon in the employment contract, during which termination of the employment relationship is possible for both parties under facilitated conditions. This period may not exceed six months.

The employer does not need grounds for termination during this period. A shorter notice period applies during the probationary period. Unless otherwise agreed, it is 14 days according to the law without fixed termination dates – hence the employment relationship does not necessarily have to end at the end of the month.

However, not every notice of termination is effective during this time. Even during the probationary period, termination in response to a permissible exercise of the employee’s rights, terminations that violate the prohibition of discrimination or the termination of pregnant women are not permitted. The special protection against dismissal for severely disabled persons, on the other hand, does not generally apply.


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An employee arrinving in the office on her first day entering the probationary period